Hardwood floors are one of the most stylish and valuable elements of your home, and it is well worth the investment to keep them looking great. You can count on our technicians to remove dirt, stains, scuffs, and signs of wear from your hardwood floors with our modern equipment and techniques.

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning in Burbank
Burbank Carpet Cleaning is an area leader in floor care services. Our deep cleaning methods will restore your wood floor to its original beauty without harming the finish. The machines we use flush water into the wood so even dirt deep within the grains can be dislodged and removed. The extraction system uses water but leaves it immediately dry so you never have to worry about your wood floor warping from moisture. The system is adaptable to all wood floor species, including oak, maple, pine, cherry, and exotic species.

It is very important that any cleaner used on your hardwood floor is pH balanced for the type. Our technicians understand how vital this is and are highly trained to recognize species and finishes of wood floors so they can choose the best cleaning solution. All methods used by us are nontoxic, leave no harmful residues, and are allergy-friendly.

Our technicians follow these steps to get your wood floor looking beautiful again:
1. Inspection and assessment of wood floor: our technicians will determine the species and finish of the floor and locate any stains, scuffs, or problem areas.
2. Moving furniture: If you wish, we can move heavy furniture out of the room so the entire wood floor is cleaned. We will even return the furniture back to its place after we are finished cleaning the floor!
3. Dry cleaning with vacuum: loose particles are removed from the surface of the floor with HEPA vacuums. The filters contain the debris so it isn’t blown into the air of your home.
4. Spot treatment: stains and problem areas are treated with specialty solutions formulated for hard wood.
5. Deep extraction: Our machines use adjustable head pressure, custom brushes, and scrubbers to extract dirt from deep within the wood grain.
6. Sealing: We can apply a sealant of your choice to the floor with a satin or glossy finish. This will help protect your wood floor from damage until the next scheduled cleaning.

Can You Get Scratches Out of My Hardwood Floor?
We use rotary extraction machines to clean your floor. The machines have variable speed heads; the rotational force of the brushes will create friction against the floor and polish it. This will remove scuffing and make your wood floor shine.

If your wood floor is very badly damaged, then we can adjust the RPM of the rotary machines to create more friction. This is referred to as buffing. If a scratch is deep within your wood floor, we will not be able to remove it with buffing – only sanding and refinishing can do that. However, the buffing action will smooth the scratch so it is not as deep or noticeable. Your hardwood floor will still shine and look beautiful. When our technicians arrive and inspect your wood floor, they will explain to you what results you can expect. We take pride in constantly delighting our customers with how we are able to revitalize their scuffed and scratched wood floors!

Complete Cleaning Solutions for Your Home
We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. In addition to wood floor cleaning, our technicians are trained and IICRC Certified experts at cleaning carpets, marble and stone flooring, upholstery, drapes and curtains, and air ducts. Schedule all of the services you need at once to have your entire home looking beautiful and free of dirt, dust, and other allergens.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction
At Burbank Carpet Cleaners, your satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our technicians are experts at hardwood floor cleaning, they are friendly, and our customer service is supreme. For these reasons, we are confident in offering a satisfaction guarantee on our service.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on wood floor cleaning services in Burbank. We look forward to helping you make your home healthier and happier.