You know that the air outdoors can be polluted but the air inside your home might actually be much worse. According to studies conducted by the EPA, the air inside people’s home is typically 2 to 5 times worse than the air outdoors. The sources of indoor air pollution include deteriorating building materials (like insulation or paint chips), cleaning products, bacterial waste, radon, and oil. These pollutants get absorbed by your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. When you use these items, the pollutants circulate back into the air.

You can fight indoor air pollution by vacuuming regularly, but you should only do so with a HEPA vacuum as the vacuum exhaust will just spray pollutants throughout your home. But even a HEPA vacuum can only do so much good. To keep your home healthy, you need to have your carpets, rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned about every 6 to 24 months.

Citrus Fresh Burbank Rug and Upholstery Cleaning
Citrus Fresh Burbank understands how important your family’s health is to you. We have invested in equipment which can remove pollutants from your textile surfaces, including microscopic pollutants which you can’t see, like dander and smoke. It wouldn’t be healthy to use harsh chemicals to get your rugs and upholstery clean, which is why we only use non-toxic, non-allergenic, organic-based cleaning products. They are safe for children and pets but tough on stains. Your rugs and upholstery will be healthy and look like new.

The Citrus Fresh Burbank Area Rug Cleaning Method
Area rugs which have layered backings may be cleaned on site with our hot water extraction method. Most fine area rugs, such as Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, will be picked up by our technicians and brought back to our facilities for deep cleaning. The technicians will take care of everything from removing furniture off of the rug to packing it. Rug pickup and delivery is always free for all sizes of rugs.

Back as the facilities, the area rug will be fully inspected before it is cleaned. If your rug is damaged or very sensitive, we may clean it completely by hand. Most rugs go through our tried and tested Burbank rug cleaning process though.

• Dusting: A mechanical duster gently beats the rug while it is being vacuumed. This gets rid of about 79% of animal hair, allergens, dirt, bugs, dust and other dry matters.
• Cleaning and Rinsing: We will clean each side of the rug with a cleaning product suited to the rug’s fiber and dye type. The rug is then rinsed.
• MOR Cleaning: Our Burbank rug cleaning facility boasts a MOR cleaning machine. The machine was designed specifically for cleaning fine rugs. It has sprayers mounted on rollers. The sprayers lather up detergents, gently loosen soil, evenly rinse the rug, and press water out of the rug. Your rug will go through the MOR machine at least two times.
• Fringe Cleaning and Grooming: Care should always be taken when cleaning rug fringe as it can easily unravel. We hand brush the fringe to get it clean and also keep it looking great.
• Hang Drying: Citrus Fresh Burbank has a rug drying room in which the humidity and temperature are controlled. This is important to make sure the rug does not shrink or become damaged by moisture.
• Final Inspection: If we think your rug is not as clean as it can be, then we will repeat one or more steps.

From the moment we pick up the rug, it generally takes 4 to 6 business days to get it back to you. We do offer 24/7 emergency rug cleaning services as well.

The Citrus Fresh Burbank Upholstery Cleaning Method
Unlike with carpets and rugs, the soil in upholstery is usually more oily – such as body oils and skin particles. If you have pets, then there will likely be high amounts of dander in the upholstery and padding as well. These particles can be very difficult to remove because they are so sticky. The stickiness causes other types of debris to cling to them, making the high-traffic parts of your furniture (seats, headrests, etc) especially dirty.

To get these unhealthy and unsightly particles out of your furniture upholstery, Citrus Fresh Burbank generally uses hot water extraction. We first apply pre-treatments and conditioners to break down the oils and dirt. The heat from the water further breaks down particles so they dissolve. Then the high-powered machine suctions the dirty water up. Our team is very thorough and takes the time to ensure all possible dirt is removed. Expect it to take about 1 hour to clean a typical sofa.

Some types of upholstery should not be cleaned with hot water. In these cases, our technicians may use deep shampooing. We clean leather upholstery by hand with special conditioners which keep the leather soft and supple.

24/7 Burbank emergency upholstery cleaning services are available. It normally takes about 4 hours for a sofa to completely dry after cleaning.

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