You know that curtains add beauty and luxury to your home, as well as give you privacy. But cleaning them can be such a hassle! With our help, cleaning your curtains and drapes never has to be a hassle. We use professional methods to remove stains, dust, dirt, and allergens from your curtains and restore their beauty.

Professional Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services
Our technicians are able to clean most types of curtains and drapes. The methods we use are proven effective and safe, both for your curtains and your health. Only nontoxic cleaning solutions are used and our methods remove allergens and other harmful materials which may be embedded into the materials, such as exhaust from passing cars and pesticide residue.

We use the following steps to get your curtains and drapes clean:
1. Inspection and assessment: We look at your curtains to make sure they can safely be cleaned and note any stains. We always test an area before proceeding with the full cleaning.
2. Vacuuming: HEPA vacuums are used to get out dry dirt before proceeding with the cleaning. All debris is collected in the filter and not blown into your home.
3. Spot Cleaning: Any stains are pretreated.
4. Hot Water Extraction: We use modern machines for suctioning dirt and allergens out of your curtains. There is no need to take down your curtains.
5. Fast Drying: Our methods leave your curtains nearly dry. Light materials can dry in as little as a few hours. Please keep your windows closed until drying is complete!

Complete Allergy Solutions for Your Home
Many of our customers suffer from allergies and we know just how problematic this can be for your health. We take allergies seriously and are committed to providing you with the most complete cleaning services possible so your indoor air is clean and safe.

In addition to curtain and drape cleaning services, we offer other allergy-friendly cleaning services including carpet, upholstery, and air duct cleaning. Using HEPA filters and methods like hot water extraction for killing bacteria and mold spores, we are able to improve the quality of the air inside your home. To simplify your life, you can schedule all of our allergy cleaning services for the same day.

Contact us to learn more about our services. A friendly agent is standing by to give you a free estimate.