Our technicians use the latest equipment to steam clean your carpets and eliminate stains, dirt, and bacteria. We have a selection of disinfectants and non-toxic cleaners that can take care of even the worst stains and damage to your carpet. No matter how bad you think your carpet is, we are here to help and restore it so your home can look beautiful.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
We are a leading provider of professional carpet cleaning services in Burbank and proudly serve residents and businesses alike. Our goal isn’t just to get your carpets clean, but to do it while providing the best customer service. Our technicians are known for going the extra mile for customers, such as giving advice on carpet care, tackling tough stains by hand, and moving furniture for you. Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it certainly can be affordable when you go with our pros!

Our carpet cleaning technicians follow these steps to get your carpets looking beautiful:
1. Examination of the carpet to determine its material and type of stains so we can establish which methods and cleaners are best
2. Remove any furniture – we do this for you!
3. Dry vacuuming with professional HEPA vacuum
4. Testing an area of the carpet to make sure the carpet can be cleaned safely
5. Spot treatment of any stains
6. Extraction of dirt, dust, and other debris in your carpet with our powerful steam cleaners
7. Deodorization

The methods we use for cleaning carpets are proven effective and safe for your carpet. Your health is our priority, and we never remove allergens only to replace them with chemical residues! We use nontoxic cleaning chemicals and our methods leave no residues, so you can feel confident about having your family walk around on the carpet in bare feet.

Water Damage Cleanup Services
Carpets which have been damaged by water require special care. Carpets are particularly absorbent, especially their foam backings which act like sponges. Water may be able to dry out of the surface fibers of the carpet, but the water sits in the carpet padding. Any moisture which got into the subfloor will not be able to evaporate. The water itself isn’t particularly destructive to the actual carpet fibers (though some delicate carpet fibers may lose their colors or bleed), but the water can quickly destroy the carpet backing and weaken the carpet.

The biggest threat with water damaged carpets is that moisture trapped in the subfloor and carpet padding will cause mold to grow. This happens incredibly quickly, in as little as 24 hours in humidity over 16%. Mold looks terrible, smells bad, causes black stains, and (worst of all!) can release toxic spores into the air that harm your health. Don’t let a water damaged carpet wait. When you call Burbank Carpet Cleaners, our technicians will immediately:
• Extract water
• Remove and replace your carpet padding if necessary
• Treat any mold or biohazards
• Sanitize your carpet
• Clean your carpet and get rid of stains
• Set up drying and humidity-control systems

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction
At Burbank Carpet Cleaners, your satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our technicians are experts at carpet cleaning and water damage removal, they are friendly, and our customer service is supreme. For these reasons, we are confident in offering a satisfaction guarantee on our service.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on carpet cleaning services in Burbank. We look forward to helping you make your home healthier and happier.